Your Need-to-Know Guide to Five Key Spring/Summer '17 Trends

I've been busy writing trend predictions and style stories for various work assignments of late, and it's got me all excited for what's going to be occupying my wardrobe this year. So I'm collating all of that inspo within my brain matter and bringing you the full lowdown on five key fashion trends which are set to be kiiiind of a big deal.

It feels like quite an exciting year for fashion, I don't know whether that's just me getting giddy about the changing seasons and the noticeable style shift which always occurs once we go from cold to, well, mild, but I think it's a little more than that. We need fashion to express ourselves and boost our mood, and has there ever been a time when that was more pertinent than now? The political climate has left a lot of us feeling unheard and partial to pessimism; what's the best antidote to that? Putting on our brightest and boldest outfits to help us go face the s***storm going on out there, that's what. So here are the five trends which have caught my eye...

Colour Blocking

This is something which makes intermittent appearances each spring; by the time the days get longer and lighter, I think we're always just so ready for some cheer and a little lift to our wardrobe that we embrace colour wholeheartedly. That is definitely true in my case anyway and I have memories of some pretty gaudy colour combinations I've gone and dove into in the past. I'm talking fuschia tights with a neon green skirt and electric blue top; I'm not kidding and thankfully no, I don't have photographic evidence! This year though, the trend has become very prevalent, with pinks and reds particularly favoured among the more tonal looks; though anything really does go and some of the best colour-blocking consists of two or three different primary colours clashed together perfectly. It's like an endorphin boost for the eyes!

Pandora Sykes

Emilio Pucci and Balenciaga
Berlin Fashion Week street style
Blogger Megan Ellaby

Victoria Beckham

Stella McCartney AW17


This school uniform-aping trend is one I've already checked out with a few recent purchases. An eternal classic which has now gone mainstream, there has been endless picnic blanket-style outfit inspo this year. It can be worked into your outfit at varying degrees of impact; Sienna Miller's adorable full-sleeved dress is an easy one-piece outfit solution but I love the all-out kitsch of Emily Ratajkowski's trousers and cami twinset. The great thing about gingham is it can be worn in so many ways, whether a rockabilly look with a 50s dress and optional pincurls, stylishly retro a la Audrey Hepburn with trousers and a plain shirt, or cowgirl-style (steady on) by pairing with casj denim. Henry Holland, Molly Goddard, Shrimps and Prada have all paraded their interpretations of the trend on this season's catwalks, so I guess it's officially hip to be square! Now which way's that yellow brick road...

Sienna Miller

Henry Holland SS17 
Emily Ratajkowski

Sofie Valkiers
Zara's hit frilly gingham trousers

Alexa Chung


The noughties were actually way better than everyone remembers style-wise (now that we've had a little time and space to think it over, as the Beautiful South advised). Boob tubes, coloured sunglasses, hoop earrings, denim skirts with everything, comfy velour, cute little bags, they're all back with an even bigger bang than before! Because the noughties now have the added cachet of being retro, and if you were savvy enough to keep the stuff from first time round then you'll feel extra smug about possessing true vintage originals. I will not be rocking Mean Girls-style kitten heels as you may have heard from my previous post, nor a Von Dutch trucker cap as seen on Kylie Jenner, but I'd welcome a return to handkerchief tops and I'm loving the lace-up trousers seen on Kendall Jenner et al, as well as the low-rise jeans that have been sported by Emily Ratajkowski.

Juicy Couture tracksuits back on the runway
Kendall Jenner

Chloe's Nile bracelet bag

White denim at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Selena Gomez in tinted sunglasses

Bella Hadid in a tube top and hoop earrings

80s Glamour

The decade that fashion forgot? Oh no, I think that tired old label can stop being applied now; time and time again we've seen a return to the era of excess in some form and this year is no different. We have a lot to thank that time for; the internet, the music video, the blockbuster movie, the power ballad, big hair; um, not so much Donald Trump. This year though, the 80s are back in a big way. Big. All of that trashy stuff which usually gets sidelined and conveniently omitted in a bid to make the nostalgia that much more...vanilla? Forget it. In 2017, we want it all. Bring on the shoulder pads. Give us the animal print. Pile on the acid brights and - brace yourself - welcome back the parachute pants. Don't believe me? Well, Stranger Things have happened...

Marc Jacobs Resort '17
Quality Street-worthy lame at Preen SS17

Topshop's hot pink leather jacket

Pernille Teisbaek in stirrup leggings

Dakota Johnson in customised denim
Karlie Kloss in sequins, shoulder pads and leather trousers

Statement Sleeves

Two of the biggest trends last summer were the cold shoulder and the Bardot sleeve; it was all about the emphasis of exposed skin via the absence of coverage. But as touched on before, 2017 is championing anything but subtlety, so material will not be skimped on. Sleeves are now on a power trip. They're going XXL. From balloon to pirate to elongated to ruffle to trumpet to puff to tier, it's all getting extremely dramatic in the arm vicinity. All the better for flouncing with, no? This is such an easy way to add some extra interest to your look and most of the pieces out there actually look elegant rather than overly eccentric once they're styled. They're also great for layering under dresses, dungarees and shorter-length jacket or coat sleeves.

Loewe SS17
Vanessa Jackson
Olivia Palermo

New York Fashion Week street style
The Atlantic Pacific

Roksanda Illincic at Matches
 Which is your favourite fashion trend for spring/summer 2017? Have you tried any of them out for yourself yet?


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