5 Red-Hot Trends Which Will Cool Very Quickly

Sometimes trends come along and they just catch fire from the word go. Fashionistas jump on them faster than an Instagrammer on a rainbow bagel, and before you know it, you can't move for outfit posts crammed with the trend in question.

I myself am a slave to most hot new fashion fads which come along, but I wait with bated breath for their demise, in fear of being the only schmuck still championing these looks the moment they turn from premium to passé. A clear marker of this dreaded turning point is usually when Alexa Chung decries it, or Taylor Swift wears it. So...behold my top five current trends which I predict will meet their maker quicker than GiGi Hadid at a Little Mix gig (okay that's the last analogy I'll use, I promise).

1. Fishnet Frenzy

They started out as a little trashy and then they went totally high-fashion. With the 80s dominating this season, it was bound to happen, but now that the word is out about fishnet, they can't stay luxe for long. With it-models like Kendall Jenner dominating today's catwalks and parading these trends soon after their inception, it doesn't take long for the mainstream to catch on. It's already apparent  that a sizeable chunk of the fash pack have flashed a fishnet via a ripped-knee, waistband or bare ankle (myself included). It's clear that with so much exposure (both figuratively and literally), we're going to despise the sight of the stuff soon and they will then go back to being the preserve of the punk set.

2. Think Pink

This one has been around for a while, though the shade du jour is starting to brighten from pastel to magenta or fuschia (see the Gucci spring '17 runway). The fact that we all long for these dreary winter days to be brightened up in any way possible means that everyone is happy to plump for a hot pink at the moment, but when an alarmingly large contingent are wearing it head-to-toe it just seems too much, too soon, and you know that overkill can't be far behind. Plus, there has been a recent contender to the colour throne with the dawn of sunshine-yellow onto the fashion landscape. If anything's going to add even more cheer than pink to our wardrobes, that should do it - and you know it'll stick around for summer.

3. Vinyl Revival

This trend first began to seep into our consciousness when Alexa Chung wore her shiny trousers to Glastonbury with a Smiths t-shirt, then made them look equally as well-balanced with a fluffy jumper at a later date. The Kardashian-Jenners have been on this bandwagon since Kim sported that infamous pink bondage dress, but the fash set keep it pared down with casual separates or conservative silhouettes to make it less S&M, more M&S (literally in the case of Alexa's sellout trench). By the time spring rolls around though, I don't envisage this feeling fresh so much as rather sweaty.

4. Corset Craze

Speaking of racy trends (what is it with everyone lately, anything to do with Fifty Shades perhaps?), this waist-whittling fad is in pursuit of the classic hourglass silhouette but looks decidedly dominatrix when worn outside of the clothing. The Kardashians, who have long advocated a shapelier anti-waif look, have been prominent and controversial purveyors of waist training for a while, coming under fire for their peddling of this organ-crushing pursuit. But fashion is a fickle old game. So the natural progression for that idea was to wear the corset or waist belt loud and proud, over t-shirts, formal shirts, dresses; you name it. Looks pretty cool but it's already been done so much that it has started to lose its edge.

5. Kitten Heels

The anti-pretty shoe likes to rear its fugly head in some form every year; this one I have a particular aversion to. The kitten heel flatters nobody, not even those who are small of foot (which I am not, I bitterly add). We have the French street style stars to thank for this one, who have been tottering round in Prada slingbacks, Celine pumps and two-toned Chanel specimens. As we all know, there has been a revolt against higher heels in recent years, with trainers becoming the new footwear of choice; kitten heels are clearly the more formal way of taking anti-precarious heels to their nth degree. But there is a reason this shoe shape rarely makes it back from the 50s; they really are a fright, and if you want comfort they're hardly orthopaedic. Fugly certainly has its place; but give me a Birkenstock any day.

Have you worn any of these trends yet? Which trends do you think are close to their expiry date?


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