90s Style Icons Part 2: Drew Barrymore

Think of the most memorable icons of the 1990s and you will soon arrive at ultimate Hollywood child star, Drew Barrymore. Lighting up the screen since the tender age of 11 months, this was one girl who was born to steal the show and she went on to become the ultimate embodiment of the decade she came of age in.

After her stellar turn in ET as an impossibly-adorable toddler, Drew was on a skyward trajectory. She was barely a teenager before she was hitting up the legendary Studio 54, with enough life experiences already under her belt by that time to fill an autobiography - which she did, unbelievably, aged just 15. She may have lost her way and famously become a victim of the drugs which were inevitably all around her during her party lifestyle, but to have written the book herself at that point just showed that she wasn't a brainless rebel who was going away anytime soon. This girl had it all, the talent, the brains, and oh by golly the style! And we're so glad she stuck around to flaunt it time and time again, giving us sartorial inspiration forevermore. Keep scrolling to see Miss Barrymore's finest nineties looks...

Grunge at its best; flannel layers, fluffy jumper, beanie and Converse - sigh

Crumpled mauve blazer, easy white shirt, crucifix pendant and vintage sunglasses - absolute brilliance. Plus her natural curls were always the perfect accessory for her undone look

The badass stripper platforms and prominent tattoo give this pretty dress a hard edge in the coolest way possible

The frequently-revived uniform of faded baggy denim, simple button-down top and just-borrowed-these-from-my-boyfriend shoes which made it look like she'd just wandered onto the red carpet right out of bed. Just genius

Drew was bound to become a darling of the fashion world and that she did; here are some shots from her excellent 1995 campaign for Miu Miu

Possibly one of Drew's best hair looks; shaggy long layers with the extreme cropped spiky fringe a rare few can pull off. Add in the cosy shearling-collar jacket and this is one to-die-for look

 Brown lips, thin over-pencilled eyebrows, velvet choker, flower hair accessories - all the hallmarks of the ultimate 90s child, all done to perfection

Tomboy chic from top to bottom, with the too-cute bowl haircut. And still manages to look like a goddess...sigh.

Masculine trousers; button-down formal top looking like it was just thrown on from the washing pile; artfully-dishevelled tied-back hair; cigarette. Too. Cool. (Don't smoke kids.)

90s-style hippie vibes with the so-fresh technicolour tee offset perfectly by faded denim

Another 70s throwback which has come right back round; those tinted glasses are so 2017 - we die!

Drew might've known exactly how to make any outfit look good with the right styling and accessories; but equally pivotal was how she constantly looked like she just having the best time, which made us all want to be right there with her...

The matchy-matchy oversized denim-on-denim, balanced out by the crop top peeking from underneath; dream weekend chill garms!

More denim-owning moments

Full-on rock-chick Drew ruled harder than any other style persona; this was one wild child who definitely owned the look and had the inner rebel to go with it.

Another version of the simple but effective leather and denim look as she stepped out with brief other half Corey Feldman; who looks very Charlie Sheen here no?

 Any style icon worth their salt can just as easily work a more conversative look when required; Drew makes even a simple LBD look next-level with the slicked-back hair, pearl choker and confident yes-I-know smirk.

Miss Barrymore, you definitely deserve your spot as a 90s style icon.

Oh but how wrong you are Drew.


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