Oscars 2017: Best Ever Academy Awards Couples!

As we all know, fashion is very important at the Oscars. It can make or break a star's reputation and indeed even their career. So when we think back over the Academy Awards through the years, we always remember our favourite dresses fondly along with the ladies who wore them. However, there is another way to make your mark at Tinseltown's biggest bash. Your arm candy of course! Because what's better than a Hollywood star at the Oscars? TWO Hollywood stars on a date at the Oscars...

Allow me to introduce the nominees for Best Ever Oscars Couple...

Winona Ryder and Christian Slater

These two dated for a short while after co-starring in Heathers and went on a little date to the 1989 ceremony. She still to this day says, "I love him so much" and got in touch after his Golden Globes win last year. Make it happen Winona, did you not hear the 80s are back!

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams

This adorable couple was formed in 2004 after co-starring in Brokeback Mountain; their love lasted four years and was plain to see here at the 2006 ceremony (sob). Michelle wore mustard Vera Wang and it is my favourite Oscars dress of all time; many agree.

Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis

Yes, he also took Gwyneth one time, but did Gwyneth wear cornrows and beads with a vintage 20s gown? No she didn't. Here are the too-cool pair at the 1992 event. So much better than when he took that Angelina girl and she wouldn't put her right leg away.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen

In 2005, Gisele wore Christian Dior and Leo still looked pretty smug about the fact that he could bag a supermodel. It's incredible to think they lasted four years; we still mourn the beautiful babies they could've made. Oh well, hopefully he'll land himself another model (snigger).

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Aww, look how smitten J-Lo was with her man back in 2003. These two may not have seen their engagement through after the awful Gigli reviews, but at least Bennifer can claim they were the first ever blended-name celeb couple, or 'supercouple'. They'll always have that.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

In 1991, Nicole still had her to-die-for natural curls and Tom, well, he could still be spoken about without creeped-out references to his religious beliefs following closely behind. She later said of their marriage, "I look back now and I think, what?!" Indeed.

Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt

In 2001, America's sweetheart Julia took home the Best Actress Oscar for Erin Brokovich, though she already looked like she'd landed the prize here. She described meeting her boyfriend of four years as 'like being hit over the head with a baseball bat'. Sweet.

Michael Jackson and Madonna

Perhaps it was inevitable that the King and Queen of Pop would try making sweet music together; but this often-forgotten pairing must have been as jaw-dropping back in 1991 as it is now. It apparently all fell apart when Madge stated on TV that Jacko needed a new look.

Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston

Can you believe these two dated for 17 years? A more glamorous and sexy couple we couldn't imagine, but Anjelica gave a full exposé of their relationship after its demise which was none too favourable of notorious playboy Jack. Still, they looked happy enough here in 1974.

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe

After Cruel Intentions' 1999 release, Ryan and Reese were the hottest couple in town. They attended many Oscars together over their eight-year marriage; but they never looked cuter than at the 2002 ceremony. It all ended when he reportedly cheated on her with actress Abbie Cornish.

And the winner is...

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams

Because, come on, they make you melt just looking at them. Knowing how tragically it all ended makes their tale heart-breaking in all the wrong ways, but when Heath was still with us and they were together, their union seemed to be one of the most genuine and pure around. That sort of clearly very real and deep love isn't seen very often in Hollywood, with cynical match-ups and suspicious motives ten-a-penny. This made their single joint Oscars appearance that much more memorable and poignant, and they were just picture-perfect.


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