90s Style Icons Part 4: Courtney Love

Courtney Love may have her fair share of haters, but nobody can deny she made her mark on the 90s. She sure isn't afraid of dividing opinion, but one thing's for certain - where the fashion icons of the decade are concerned, the lead singer of Hole is one of the top contenders. Strengthening her status is the fact that she was one-half of the biggest power couple in grunge; but she was never going to settle for just being Mrs Cobain.

Her band's seminal album Live Through This remains an anthem of teen angst today, continuing to provide an outlet for anarchists everywhere, just like Kurt did with Nirvana. They were a match destined for greatness, though we all know it didn't end quite so perfectly between them - but their legacy still endures. Despite the heady heights Nirvana reached, Courtney still stood out from the shadow of her other half's rock-god status and was a force to be reckoned with, a star in her own right - no mean feat for anyone, but Courtney was no ordinary style icon. Her give-no-fucks reputation preceded her, and you could see that every room she entered was about to experience carnage. A personality as bold as hers needed a look that was equally as unforgettable, so when you added in her slept-in white-blonde shag, dramatic smudged red lips and unexpected ultra-girlish dresses, you had a killer combination...

Courtney rocking the Marilyn look with Kurt and Francis-Bean; her take on the maxi slip was just as iconic as Kate Moss's

Courtney and Kurt's 1992 beach wedding in Hawaii, to which Kurt wore his pyjamas. Courtney's dress was of course vintage, and once belonged to actress Frances Farmer.

A cream version of the satin slip, grunged up with tiara and the ever-present bed head

This coral number is made a little more formal with a shrug wrap and sleeker hair, though it's still a memorable look worn with Courtney's couldn't-care attitude

Using body graffiti to add something of an edge to one of her trademark Lolita-style ensembles

The Peter Pan collar mini dress was never less stuffy and prim when given Courtney's inimitable spin...

...especially with the definitely-not-modest hemline proportions.
Courtney once said, "You're no one in music until you have feuded with me or until you sleep with Winona." Pretty sure the first one will have been accomplished much more, famous musician or not, the second mere mortals could only dream of...

Fun fact: longtime pals Courtney and Drew Barrymore met in a bathroom smoking, when the former was 19 and the latter was 8. 8!!

With fellow 90s style icon Gwen Stefani, in a sheer embellished dress which would be more than at home on the red carpet this season (think the Dior creations worn by Bella Hadid and Sienna Miller recently)

The vintage babydoll dresses will forever be Courtney's thing...

Her acute sense of style saw her embraced in high fashion circles, though her guerilla approach to dressing wasn't something that could ever really be commodified (a few designers have tried and failed).

Another example of Courtney's sexing-up of the sweet and innocent styles she championed.

This yellow satin version is to die for; oh to get my hands on that this season, just as the shade is the colour to be seen in...

One of her most recognised looks as the frontwoman of Hole; this nautical dress she purchased from a charity shop spawned a thousand copycat styles.

Nobody wore leopard print and fishnets better.

Gotta love her.


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