90s Style Icons Part 1: Liv Tyler

The 90s come and go out of mainstream fashion, with the streetwear, grunge and goth trends in particular seeing huge resurgences over the last couple of years. But for some of us the 90s never go out of style and we unfailingly worship the icons of the decade, knowing without doubt that there are few who remain as cool as the grunge girls of that era.

Liv Tyler was one of those girls. It was perhaps inevitable being as she was rock royalty, of course being the daughter of Steve Tyler (which she famously figured out aged eight backstage at one of his concerts her model-turned-singer mother Bebe Buell took her to, upon realising that his other daughter was the spitting image of her). Liv was regularly seen on the arms of other era-defining cool-girls such as fellow musical offpsring Stella McCartney, ultimate grunge poster-girl Kate Moss, and honorary Brit pack member Gwyneth Paltrow. Not to mention equally prolific suitors such as Joaquin Phoenix, Royston Langdon, her Armageddon co-star Ben Affleck and even Leonardo DiCaprio, allegedly. But those elements alone didn't make Liv the perfect 90s icon; her enduring effortless style and inimitable charm did that all on their own. She was supermodel material with indie-cool credentials, both super-sweet and with a penchant for the rock star lifestyle. When Liv got her big break in dad's video for Aerosmith's Crazy alongside Alicia Silverstone, we got our first taste for her hybrid sexy-tomboy style. Not a single outfit has dated, including the babydoll dress with tee and biker boots, tartan mini skirt with brogues, and leather trousers with the fluffy blue cropped jumper which would be held up as one of her trademarks in her first film (along with that other tartan skirt), Empire Records. Here's a rundown of the rest of Liv's most memorable looks which make her an ultimate 90s style icon:

Liv knew how to work a floral dress like nobody else (above in her second film Stealing Beauty, and top with her rumoured ex Evan Dando of the Lemonheads, who she also sang with)

This is an outfit you could easily picture on Kate Moss around that same time

Liv could vamp it up when she wanted to (here in One Night at McCool's); but still, what's more grunge than leopard print?

The black biker boots were a staple and added an achingly cool edge to anything she put on

The exposed zip, sheer tights, leopard print and velvet shoes made this the most 90s LBD ever

Liv working the sexy-preppy look oh so well, showing the more American-influenced side to her style

And again, with a nod to her rockstar roots with the Stones-like lips logo

Liv got her start in modelling as a stepping stone to her acting career, following on from her mother's beginnings (who was a Playboy bunny); but she marked herself out from the start with her own brand of retro cool

Black T-shirt dress; faded denim jacket, Converse. Imagine being one of the first purveyors of the uniform we all champion decades later; ugh, too perfect.

She seemed to be especially fond of the knee-to-chest pose, like so -

And of the wide-open mouth shot, sometimes alarmingly wide -

 Liv with her mum, Bebe Buell

- who taught her everything she knows about being a free spirit.

 Oh just a shearling leather aviator jacket to die for...

THAT eternally-copied outfit from her first film Empire Records

So there you have it, Liv has justified her position as the first 90s style icon in my series - look out for the rest to follow soon!


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