Time to Shine in Vinyl Pants

Being a bit of a punk at heart, I'm a big fan of the vinyl trouser trend quietly gaining popularity this season. I love how you can mix it up in so many ways to create juxtapositions of polished and subversive, exhibitionist and grunge casj.

The PVC trouser is not one for partnering with a shouty or remotely sexy top, unless you want to look more try-hard and/or cheap. Err on the side of caution with your dominatrix dressing! Unless you genuinely frequented Vivienne Westwood's Sex shop back in the 70s, in which case, you are of course excused, because you're cooler than all of today's wipe-clean bottoms-wearers put together. Here's some inspo below, primarily for the purpose of helping me put together an outfit for my brother's first gig tomorrow, which I certainly don't want to look too try-hard for because that would just be too tragic on big sis going along to get down with the kids in a student bar...



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