Live Through This...Taking the Grunge

The 70s may be hawwwt this season (and believe me, I'm all over that s***), but it makes me happy that the 90s is still hanging around the periphery, in a not-so-hardcore-Normcore kind of fashion. Because come on, we all kinda turned into slobs for a while there in our baggy Calvin Klein sweaters and Adidas trackies (not that they don't still come out on Sundays). The best thing we took from 90s fashion, in my opinion, is grunge. The best kind of grunge is when every article upon the person looks like a slightly battered, original one-off, sourced cheaply, from a second-hand shop (to give them their proper name, before vintage shops were so du jour). And to be honest, this look never went out of style in Manchester anyway, so fashion is just catching up to us *smug wink*.

Definitely digging out my green tartan skirt just like this, Nirvana tshirt, DMs and beanie this weekend! Great for winter layering

I love making tea dresses more more clompy and stompy and tough

Yep, I might even think about unbuttoning my maxi dress once my beer coat's on for a nice DIY side split and peek of my cossie (maybe)

Courtney, Courtney, Courtney. Forever the queen of the babydoll, smudged lipstick and best debut album by a female rock group ever.

Kurt - look no further for Pinterest grunge inspo

RiRi - love her fearlessness attack of any trend (in these pics with an 80s influence), never gets it wrong and yet somehow not quite authentic grunge as I suspect none of her togs cost anywhere near $3.

If any picture could make me nostalgic for my mispent youth, it's this one ;) -Leah

Oh Drew, I wish you hadn't grown up to be quite so polished! Hey ho, we still have the memories. No-one has rocked pink hair better to this day.

Winona, you will always be bad-ass. Johnny and Kate or Johnny and Winona? Now there's a pickle. I'm tempted to say these two as Johnny was just in his sulky, smouldering, grungy prime pre-Edward Scissorhands, pre-Kate, pre-Hollywood machine, pre-dog deportation-gate. It always seemed to be Winona leading the way, rather than him being the more confident one when him and Kate walked hand in hand (which tells you who was the bigger star in both cases).

Speaking of Kate...

GRUNGE MUMMY: Style Icon: 90's Kate Moss

Breathing life, hedonism and attitude into modelling since 1997.

Chloe Sevigny:
7. The Chloe Sevigny The Chloe Sevigny bob is iconic of the alternative and hipster set. It’s that 1990s grunge look, with a focus on blunt ends. This …
Chloe Sevigny - my inspiration for the 90s party next week!! :)
Chloe. Of course Chloe.

Google Image Result for
Kim Gordon of the band Sonic Youth is one of my style icons. she always dressed amazing but this is one of my favorite outfits of hers.
pantophobiaisatrick:  Kim ‘92 shot by Scott Munroe
Kim Gordon by Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs:
Kim Gordon - 90's:

Kim Gordon, obvs.

Daniel Day Lewis and Sofia Coppola at the Singles premiere 1992:
Sofia Coppola in NY #SALSITinspo #90s #grunge
Sofia at the Mirabella fifth anniversary party in a lilac charmeuse slipdress and pink highlights in 1994.:
Sofia Coppola 1992:

Special mention to Sofia Coppola (and possibly THE greatest shot of Daniel Day Lewis that ever existed).

I need a leopard print shirt dress and green hair like, NOW

Sun and moon print is very 90s and very grunge. We love the thigh high socks with this outfit.:
"My style!!! Art kid raids grannys closet hahaha at least i can admit it." I love it

Yep, I'm reverting back to my Bleach London Seapunk/Washed up Mermaid phase this weekend.

*Immediately scours Etsy for velvet cardigans*

I've had this dress for 2 years and haven't yet found another occasion to wear it other than New Year's Eve in New York- somehow pairing it with DMs doesn't quite translate to real life.

sunflower pint and overalls
Neo grunge: crop tee, cutoffs, plaid shirt and round sunnies. Via  trashion find more women fashion on
Grunge is back, grunge is back, GRUNGE IS BACK!!!!! High school flashbacks, here I come!!!:

sky ferreira grunge style:
Cami dress + long sleeve tee.
Overpass hangouts...grunge kids hung out smoking cigarettes or stoner kids passing around joints. Watch out for the broken glass.:

So. Much. Inspo.

2014 Coachella - Best celebrity outfits | Celebrity Homes | Frances Bean Cobain
Frances Bean Cobain omg she looks like her mother in the 90's here
Frances Bean Cobain (alka_seltzer666) on Twitter:
Happy (belated) birthday frances bean cobain
Frances Bean Cobain❤:

Adore this girl. As if Frances Bean's style was ever going to be anything BUT tremendous.

God I could go on forever with this post, so much scope to just have fun with grunge and throw together loads of things you already own...and it won't ever go away, hurray! I'm off to put together some of the hundreds of outfit ideas I now have floating around my head from my wardrobe...

Who's your grunge icon?


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