Lou Lou's Vintage Fair does Manchester

I'm never happier than when browsing preloved wares at a vintage store, so I'd been looking forward to Lou Lou's Vintage Fair for a while. At Manchester Uni's Whitworth Hall on Oxford Road, it was the perfect setting, with endless different stalls set up in the huge venue and an excellent rock and roll duet performing at one end (my favourite type of band, go Johnny go!).

I had just been for an incredible massage at Pierre Alexandre in town and couldn't think of a better way of following it up (though the hat was a godsend given my oily hair - love it when they finish with a head rub!). I wore my We Are Hairy People sheer back monster top, which aaalways makes me feel happy, mustard ASOS beanie, ASOS duster coat and Urban Outfitters patent backpack.

My eyes lit up when I saw how many stalls I had before me!

Lots of leather skirts, cutoff Levis (for much cheaper than you usually see them for in Blue Rinse or ASOS Marketplace), polo tops and tees.

Fantastic 50s rock n roll band giving a great atmosphere.

View from the other end, by a suitcase full of lovely bargainous leather bags.

Burberry trench in perfect nick.

Navy Burberry bomber also in great condition, only £45! Tried to persuade the other half to get it as I didn't want such a bargain to be passed up...didn't work unforch.

Such a cool drummer-chic pea coat, £120 but you could see how expensive it must've been to start and was still almost good as new. 

Gorgeous black fur coat, reduced to £50, yes I was tempted and yes I was strong!

Such a cute 60s-style shift dress - usually the 60s are my least favourite fashion decade to try and embody, too many contrived looks which seem to appear all over the high street too often to retain any magic, in my humble opinion - but certain special and authentic pieces like this will always catch my eye.

So I did cave and bought 2 lovely shirts, I couldn't not for the price though. I'm a sucker for a lovely shirt but I am quite picky, so when I find two at once for a tenner who am I to put them back on the rail? (The red one I actually got for a fiver in the end as the top button was missing :-) )

This yellow one is St. Michael by Mooch Vintage. Love the almost tribal pattern and beautiful bright colour, all made more grownup by the dignified oriental/church collar. (Square toe patent 60s boots by Cheap Monday, polka dot velvet jeans by J Crew)

This red one is Lucia. Love the psychedelic paisley print, always a winner in my book but especially au courant this season what with the 70s trend going through the roof. And the lovely oriental collar giving it that extra edge again, while also making it more feminine. The double buttons continue the oriental theme.

I'll certainly be looking out for Lou Lou's next Vintage Fair, I'm still thinking about the gorgeous £45 pastel blue lambswool aviator coat I (stupidly) passed up on this time...


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