A Fashionable Life

So this afternoon I attended the A Fashionable Life event for the Speakeasy Bury charity, held at Bury town hall. It was a great chance to get an insight into the fashion industry from both an editorial and a design perspective as Vogue's fashion features editor Laura Weir interviewed Henry Holland. They're old friends who go way back so it was bants all the way and made for a relaxed and humorous interview, with Henry answering every question honestly and at the end, questions were opened up to the audience. 

Both Laura and Henry were generous with their time and made sure they answered everyone's questions as best they could, so I was pleased to get some invaluable advice from them on making it in the fashion industry. Here are some tips Laura gave for anyone else looking to become a fashion writer:

- Start small, with a trade magazine for example - find one related to your hobbies or interests and then you can grow

- If you try to start out doing work experience or internships with a bigger company (even Vogue) you could get lost in the brand, rather than getting the initial attention and nurturing you need within a smaller company.

And Henry advised me to just keep doing what I'm doing! I.e. blogging to show commitment and practise my style of writing so that when I land a fashion role I will have really developed my technique.

The interview also talked through slides of all Henry's collections over the years, and you could really see how far his own brand has come. I remember well when Henry was known for his slogan tshirts and being bezzies with his mate from back home Agyness Deyn. Nowadays his line is much more sophisticated and more reflective of his talent, though it of course still retains its unmistakeable personality and youthful aesthetic.


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