Extended lengths

I finally did it... I got extensions! At last I exhausted my patience with growing my hair after having to chop it off 3 years ago, when the constant sunshine of Spain did it no favours whatsoever and it all dried out.

(Floral 90s tee dress, £25 Pop Boutique)

I tried everything, skin hair and nail tablets (which I was assured would work miracles; they didn't), ditching the straighteners for three years, eating all the right nosh...but to no avail. So, I read about Ashleigh Hair Boutique online after looking up extension suppliers in Warrington as I was about to be sent to the UK office for a couple of weeks to hire my new copywriting team. They were cheaper than going into Manchester (over half cheaper by all account), so the end total was £330 for a full head of 18-inch Russian hair (longer-lasting than Indian). They were fitted with micro rings, which are supposed to cause minimal damage - this was the issue I always had with having hair extensions; I had them once at 18 by weaving but I suspect my hair was strong enough to take it then, pre-Spain and pre-whatever else I've put my poor hair through since then. Anyway, I'm very happy indeed with the result, having longer thicker hair does wonders for my confidence and it's not constantly getting me down thinking about what to do with the stuff on top of my head which was better compared to smoke. I just need to get used to the neckache from the extra weight...

(Bellfield borg collar denim jacket, £30 in ASOS sale)

(Purple and white sleeveless shirt, Topshop past season)

Before and after shot featured on their site - incredible!

(Retro blue button-down v-neck top, £18 Pop Boutique)

Yep I definitely look happy!

This is the Hershesons clip-in ponytail I previously tried out, for £37.50 in the ASOS sale. I was very fond of this too but the colour of my hair changed and I wanted something more permanent anyway, I feel like it's more overtly artificial to have extensions you can add and remove on a whim, if that makes sense.

(Floral 90s cross-back dress, Urban Outfitters; fluffy black cardigan,Topshop) 

(Jacket as before; Criminal Damage tee, £30 ASOS)

And here's me looking happy on the early train to Middlesbrough this weekend for a wedding - what more could you want from a Saturday! (I later ripped out an extension with overzealous brushing in my rush to get ready, oops - I hadn't accounted for my hair now taking around 12 times longer to style.)

There were a couple of products that came recommended in order to keep my new hair in shape: 

The Tangle Teezer (compact - and I have this exact colour, I thought it looked the classiest and I'm attracted to anything shiny and metallic). It is a lot gentler than regular brushes, which you can feel pulling the hair so it's worth investing in this to avoid having to have any hair pieces replaced sooner than later.

The Uniq One All in One Treatment (coconut - smells divine, extra bonus rather than the original one). It's like 10 products in one and you just spray in and leave in after washing, keeping it shiny and tangle-free, etc etc.

So, wish me luck win my new barnet and let's hope they last for the promised 3 months!


Delia Jensen said…
Wow! You look amazing with long hair, Rebecca! I guess you can only be so patient when it comes to growing your hair out. Anyway, I love how easy styling your hair seems to be now. I'd love to see how the extensions are doing now, so do keep us posted. Thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous! :)

Delia Jensen @ Best Virgin Remy Hair

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