Walk a mile in these Louboutins...but they don't wear these s***s where I'm from

It's nice to be inspired; the smallest things really can give you the best ideas. So are some of my recent fashion inspirations and new looks - many of these are from a recent visit back home to Manchester. A couple are from a recent sojourn to Marbella, which is just 20 minutes up the road from me (I live in Puerto de la Duquesa, about 25 mins to my place of work stuff in Gibraltar). One is an older shot of me with long hair, which I keep allowing to resurface to inspire me in my lengthy quest to grow my hair long again! The shot of Iggy Azalea is part of same said campaign, I'm loving her style at the moment and as someone who finds their hair difficult to grow I'm fascinated by the fact that it is all her own hair (so she attests), and as the owner of a hair company she recommends only washing hair once a month! Now I can push it to 3 or 4 days without washing but 31 is somewhat taking the biscuit.

I was also unexpectedly inspired by a trip to Hebden Bridge with the parents when I was in the UK - such a quaint place but soooo cool! Full of well-dressed retro-looking folk, nostalgic wartime tearooms and fantastic vintage stores - which could take up my whole day alone (and nearly did; my parents were gratifyingly patient). In particular, Lucy and the Caterpillar was a stellar find, where I purchased a genuine 50s/60s Ashpool &Twiddy top (sooo French, non?) and 80s Levis shorts (worn with Topshop metallic sliders - love how their clunkiness makes my feet look dainty!).

 ASOS by Rayan Odyll satin bomber, Topshop shirt

H&M Notorious BIG leggings, ASOS velvet hi-tops, fluffy Topshop cocoon coat
(love getting wrapped up when I'm back in England - winter clothes are so much better)

 ASOS striped dungarees, ASOS white crop poloneck

 My dog Cash on my terrace at sunset

 An image I stole from above-mentioned Lucy &the Caterpillar's FB page

 Topshop crochet cami, ASOS caged bikini (just seen), ASOS round diamante sunglasses

 Hair regrowth inspiration (you can do it!)
I'll leave the red nose though.

 Cheating in the meantime with Hershesons long smooth ponytail
Urban Outfitters floral cross-back dress, ASOS silver shoe-boots, Topshop fluffy cardigan

 Ashpool &Twiddy striped tank top, 80s Levis shorts (both Lucy and the Caterpillar)
Topshop metallic sliders

 My favourite Wagamama delicacy, Yaki Udon
(It may not be fashion-related but it will never go out of style for me)

 My pool, a bit smug

 French Connection poloneck dress (absolutely loving necks in polo form at the moment)

 Topshop floral dress

 Topshop patterned shirt (new favourite item)

Also borrowed from Lucy and the Caterpillar's FB page - this so makes me want to don a one-piece and drink from a pineapple!

Iggy Azalea - currently my major music/fashion/hair/girl crush
Hebden Bridge - a world away from Iggy Land but no less fascinating!


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