Haunting Happenings

So for Halloween I dressed as a witch/generally gothic person/WAG of a Kiss member. How wrong I was to think I had outgrown fancy dress, so much fun! As someone who loves to experiment with my look and dress up whenever the feeling takes me, I should have known I had been missing out. I may possibly have become a little too attached to that knife when getting into character...I am ok now though. (My friends were 'dead dolls' by the way. -Wouldn't 'live dolls' be more frightening?!)

PU leather bustier dress by H&M circa 2009, skull necklace by Zara A/W 2012, lace gloves by Mary-Jane lingerie Gibraltar, black suede platform sandals by Schuh A/W 2012.

This dress will never be discarded - I dig it out every Halloween! Perhaps I should start to think outside the box a little more, Klum-style...

Yeah, shouldn't be a problem.


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