Christmas Wishlist 2013

Wowzer, 3 whole years since I posted on here - in that time I've moved to Spain for a job in Gibraltar with Betfred, risen through the ranks to my current role as Senior Copywriter, and even adopted a lovely little boy called Cash. He has a shiny black coat, ears too big for him and a tendency to look like a seal when he swims (which he did for the first time at the beach this weekend - so proud!). I've now lived in Spain for over 2 and a half years. Not having the internet at home that whole time has caused me to slacken up on my extracurricular writing habits, terrible! I miss writing for fun now that I actually write for a living, so am most glad to make my blogging return today.

To kick things off, I'm doing a full 360 and continuing in the vein I left off, with a Christmassy post full of sartorial beauties! These have been imprinted on my wishlist for this year, and with a New Year's trip to New York in the offing some of these will come in very handy indeed...

ASOS Premium Biker Coat with Detachable Faux Fur Collar, £120 - ASOS

Krystal Swarovski Jewelled Pendant, £30 (from £60) - ASOS

 Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Black Leather Boots, £70 - Ebay

ASOS MONTH Metallic Loafers, £21 (from £30) - ASOS

Orelia Stone Flower Stud Earring, £12 - ASOS

Limited Edition Vintage Look Jewel Earring, £10 - ASOS

I wonder if my style has changed much? It doesn't really seem so, especially as I wore the brown lace dress from my previous post to my friend's wedding last month! And the sheer white slip is still hung proudly in my wardrobe. I still spend a large part of my days thinking about clothes and the like, but with less decent shops over here (only Zara and Mango are recurring staples of my payday go-to spots) I probably have less opportunity to blow my hard-earned money on la ropa (clothes - I've been learning Spanish for well over a year and still need to get into a regular revision habit). So when this time of year swings around and I start giving ideas to people requesting my most desired commodities I might receive come December, my ASOS clicking goes up five-fold. Who am I kidding, 50-fold. So I may have slipped up and purchased a couple of things I simply couldn't wait until Nöel for(but I will resume saving my hardest for New York now that they are in the post!)...

ASOS Ditto Velvet Trainers, £45
 ASOS Palm Tree Earrings, £4

These tropical little beauties hardly broke the bank anyway! And I justify the trainers by saying that they look like a snug backup pair of treads for the frosty pavements of The Big Apple...

And here is a nostalgic shot of one of the things in my life more important that clothes!

See what I mean about the ears? He is a little bigger than that now, I will probably post about his first swim soon so you can see for yourself.

What do YOU want for Christmas this year?


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