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Festive Attire

(ASOS cream Sheer Slip Dress, £11; ASOS Premium Overdyed Embroidered Lace Midi Dress, £20; ASOS Partytime Peep Toe Platform Shoes, £45; Issie B Floral Printed Cross Body Bag, £15 ASOS; Oasis Horse Head Drop Earrings, £5 ASOS; HM red platform shoes, £29.99
This year's sparkly Christmas pieces forming my festive wardrobe. Can't wait to wear them, starting this Saturday with a 'Come Dine With Me' evening at my boyfriend's colleague's house in Halifax, and our girls' Christmas meal at Beluga in Manchester on Saturday. That's excluding, of course, our annual Christmas Eve meal at Mario's in Tyldesley. Just a short, merry walk home afterwards to snoozing away excitedly at our parents' houses. So excited! Only 24 days to go! I'm off to put up my tree, it's officially 'allowed to be stupidly excited time' now it's December...

What festive events do you have coming up? And which items would you pair together from the above?