I started with the best intentions...

Cable knit cardigan, £11 Primark; black floral cardigan, £10 Topshop sale; burgundy maxi dress, £7 Topshop sale)

Some new purchases made at Meadowhall on Friday, and Leeds yesterday. All very economically pleasing items, mind, and I did finally start my Christmas shopping so I make no apologies. I am now two godchildren, one brother, partly one boyfriend and one boyfriend's mum down, with one godchild, two parents and the remainder of said boyfriend to go. I'm super-organised this year! New Year in Edinburgh is also all paid up now; apartment shared with two of our friends and Princes Street Party tickets are in the bag. Who knows, at this rate I may not have to borrow anything from my lucky mum this month! I do have rather a few festive outings in the offing though so let's not hold our breath. Only 3 days til actual December now! (I  have had to remind myself that we're still only in November for quite some time now.)

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? And what are you doing for New Year?


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