Here's an article I recently wrote on vintage fashion:-

There is something about vintage fashion which has the edge on all the brand new, contemporary clothes which we see on the high street. Each vintage piece has a story behind it which translates itself through the wearer. When you see a girl walking down the street in an original 1920s cloche hat, or a guy in a genuine 1980s camel coat, you not only see a person dressed in clothes to be practical or to fit in. You see someone swathed in history, who understands why their outfit works; it is given context by the items it is put together with as they are all carefully chosen to fit the character from a certain era. A vintage dresser does not dress simply to look like they can match colours or materials, or to let everyone know they look at magazines and keep their eye on changing window displays. They dress to convey a certain persona; for that day they are a gangster's moll, a teddy boy, a pin-up girl or a punk rocker. Everyone knows that fashion is extremely circular and almost every trend comes around again at some point. Every season the runways are dominated by collections which have distinct era-specific themes, be they Eighties with power shoulders and prom dresses, or Seventies with catsuits and wide-legged trousers. Yet the newer versions of those classic items are always updated somehow to give a modern take on them; they lost the authenticity of a first-hand vintage piece which affords its owner that special aura. The one which inspired childhood games of dress-up in mum or dad's clothing. It is the fun of stepping into another identity; wearing vintage pieces makes you stand out from the mass-produced crowds. Vintage dressing is one of the most visually impactive ways you can express yourself. Nothing makes a bigger sartorial statement than an outfit with that unattainable quality, which makes every passer-by want to know more about you with the simple raised question of Where did they get that?

Do you feel this way about vintage or do you prefer contemporary and fashion-forward?


ELLE said…
Hi there, thanks for your comment! I have no idea on hair products I'm afraid- I leave that to the professionals! And the black sandals were from Office a few months ago.. they might still have some in the sale!
Oh fantastic, I was worried they were going to be way out of my price range! Thanks so much going to look them up now!x

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