Just call me Howard Hughes

I GOT ONE!! I was walking past H&M (well, dashing past) in my hurry to catch my coach back from Manchester yesterday, and thought I'd just check in there on the off-chance, and they had 2. I love iiiiiiit!

Yes, I'm pulling a very strange face on this second one. It's my 'I bloody love my new jacket I do' face.

Anyway, the H&M website seem to be getting new stock in every day now so they must be making lots of extra aviator jackets for all those girls out there going crazy for them. I don't like how their website can tell you something is in stock yet you might still have to wait a month for them to send it out. And even if it's available for immediate delivery there is still only one delivery option which takes a whole week to arrive. Quite old-hat I think, especially considering that it took H&M this long to make online shopping available. Quite strange for such a huge store; it always bugged me so I'm now going quite crazy over online shopping on http://www.hm.com/. I do like the fact that you have a few payment options though; rather than having to pay immediately as on all other online shopping sites you can choose to have a payment slip in your parcel which you then have to pay in-store within 20 days. Or, you can pay monthly. Today I also ordered these boots-

I adore them! The lace-ups should be arriving within the week so I'm very excited to look all Victorian and to finally have some daytime heels, I think flats give you hard skin on your feet and also make you walk funny. The pair on the right are beautiful, they don't arrive until the end of the month but I am going to be very snug in those! They're just what I've been looking for in knee boots for oh about 2 years now.

What do you think of H&M's new online shopping?


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