If you're fond of sand dunes....

Aaaaah not a day has gone by in the last two-and-a-bit months when I haven't borne the burdenous wrench of guilt over not blogging. But my laptop was ravaged by some loathsome virus and it still needs to be saved. So I'm currently using my mother's. Had a crazy couple of months, and am very gutted that the warm and happy season is coming to an end, but the point I'm blogging at now is rather useful for summing up my, erm, summer, and looking very excitedly ahead to the autumn/winter fashions. So to start, a round-up of my main experiences of the balmy (when not in this country anyway) middle section of 2010:-


  1. You can get married in the MAGIC KINGDOM CASTLE. I saw magical freaky cartoon wedding evidence with my very eyes. How much must that cost?! If anyone knows I'd be fascinated to also hold this information.

  2. I went back on my word, I never bought a single black bikini. I'm just too much of a colour stalker, I need it in my life to cheer me daily.

  3. The finged waistcoat goes with everything. More or less.

  4. I want to go to Morocco and would very much like that to happen before the end of the year, so I can relax atop cushions such as these. And of course eat lots of Moroccan spiced lamb, hearty tagines, chickpeas, etc.

  5. Diners rock. Do not expect to find gorumet dining in Orlando. Embrace slightly more glamourised versions of greasy spoons. 'Diner' just sounds so much more fun, though they essentially do the same trick.

  6. Only just realised I coordinated my dress with the car without knowing it. I'm so fashionably intuitive.

  7. Diners named after Rolling Stones songs-even better. Seafood-also rocks.

  8. Tigers are beauty and elegance personified animalified. I was born in the year of the tiger. See the link?

  9. The best theme park in the world. I get actual tangible bodily cravings for a ride on the Hulk, daily.

  10. I have to be Belle at MGM Studios one day.

  11. American bars rock. So does being over 21 this time.


Hat-£3, Primark sale. Dress (worn as top)-$??, some Florida store a few years ago
Twins, with one slightly more sepia than the other (and a 7.5 year age gap)

The Libertines were AMAZIIIIIIING!!! I couldn't have been more elated standing before them jumping around and singing along with all my might. Cannot wait for new material, which is apparently definitely happening. Like, omg. Pete was so coherent, he and Carl were so hopelessly in love again, Gary was so nice and so grateful and so happy for them all to be back right where they belonged, together...oh it was dreamy. I got chills down the back of my neck when they got up close to sing on the same mic just like yesteryear. Sigh. Shame on all those losers who just went along to chant the name of Miss Moss's ex boyfriend and then not know a single word to a single song. With the exception of "Can't stand me now, can't stand me now, can't stand me now, can't stand me now!....." of course.

Other highlights were Gaslight Anthem, I Blame Coco, Christian Reilly, and Dizzee Rascal which was, unexpectedly, one of the best gigs of my life. Kudos to my 16 year-old brother Tom for keeping me alive in the very suffocating but very fun moshpit.


The much-needed weather in the high 30s, with constant glorious cooling winds; Space with its amazing roof terrace and laid-back vibes and cool narcissim; Bora Bora beach for the sheer fun and excitement of the mass sandy party; Amnesia for the serious raving; Escana for the brilliant hippie market with too many shopping temptations to mention; all the essential conventions of Spain-lots of good red wine at astounding prices, delicious paella with perfect sticky rice and fresh seafood, breathtaking white sandy beaches; and laughing so hard it hurts every single day because you're with all the people who make you do exactly that.
Coming home-waaaaah.

But, a wedding tomorrow-what joy! Let more red wine and dancing and dressing up and ecstatic faces commence.


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