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Doctor Who?

I really can't get enough of Karen Gillan's style at the moment. She looks so, so stylish with every outfit, without ever looking too trendy. Meaning her looks are always classic and if you looked back on them a couple of years later, they wouldn't look dated. Sigh!

She may or may not have an amazing stylist helping her along, but even off-duty she always looks so edgy and cool, so I say she just has an extremely enviable flair for dressing. I think a big key to her look is VINTAGE. You get the feeling that she invests a lot of time into finding unique pieces, which give her outfits that lovely unattainable quality. Well, lovely for her, not us!

She also makes me want to colour my hair a bright auburn. Watch this space to find out whether I bottle it (geddit?!).

What do you think of Karen's hair colour and style?

Neck ties

I am pretty hooked on ribbon tied around shirt collars at the mo. As this pic was taken unexpectedly, it isn't the greatest example to show you, but it makes the point I think. I've just bought 4 new shirts so that I can continue the collar craziness, 3 from Ebay in lemon, pink and white w/black polka dots, and 1 from H&M in khaki which I've had my beady eye on. Will post pics of them soon. When I look at other fashion blogs the outfit posts are what I enjoy seeing most, so I'm going to step up my game in that department and start blogging said self portraits again once my new camera battery arrives from Ebay (and hopefully works, it's coming from Taiwan or somewhere and was stupidly cheap)!

What do you think about ribbons tied around shirt collars?

Fearne's New Do

I very much like Miss Cotton's new hair, and it is in keeping with the many hairstyles I have been admiring of late which are layered around the face. This being because I'm going for a haircut myself this week and I'm going for face-framing layers (do they still call it feathered??) instead of it being a boring one-length at the front and just hanging flat so I always have to clip the front back.

Also, I was watching The City marathon on MTV today and Miss Whitney Port's hair was another source of feathered inspiration...

What do you think about Fearne's new shorter do?

Come little children I'll take thee away...

Come little children I'll take thee away... by JukeBoxBeck featuring velvet tops

Year in, year out, I just can't get enough of velvet. I love the touchable stuff, it feel so luxurious to wear, lasts forever and looks so regal. But dressing down a velvet maxi skirt with a slubby tee or cable-knit cardigan, and lace-up flat boots would be a super way to go this season. The velvet trousers are soooo Sharon Stone in Casino, they're begging to be worn with a long-sleeved cropped lace top. And I absolutely MUST get myself a cloche hat next payday. This whole set is giving me a strange urge to watch Hocus Pocus...I wonder if SJP got to keep her costumes as she could definitely recycle them this winter and stay fashion-forward!

What do you think of velvet? Have you spotted any lovely cloche hats anywhere that I can seek out? And do you know anywhere that sells red velvet cake in Leeds??

Peter Pan

Wore this Peter Pan swing dress, £50, Topshop, to my cousin's wedding last week. With Office wedges and Primark bag.
How would you accessorise this dress?

Bex and the City

Haven't updated my blog with my BATC comlumn entries for a while, so here goes hope you don't find them to be wearing thin! (That's if you ever found them to be, erm, fat in the first place)

The Aviator

The Aviator by JukeBoxBeck featuring topshop jacketsCan you believe the above right flying jacket from H & M is only �24.99?? I certainly couldn't. This little nugget of information downright brightened up my Monday, as I had previously been moping over having to wait an AGE until I could purchase Topshop's �58.00 version, left, on payday. The Topshop one is lovely but knowing how fickle I am with such prominent trends (there are already many who are bemoaning how commonplace the aviator jacket has quickly become) , I think it would be much savvier for me to go with H & M's version. What do you think of the aviator jacket trend, like sooo passe already?

Addicted to Lookbook

I've posted this look on here before but I was just testing the links from Lookbook, it's one of my new favourite sites. So if you like my look, click on the link to say so and if you're on Lookbook too then please follow me via the above link and I'll follow you right back!x

Festive Seasonal Inspiration

Festive Seasonal Inspiration by JukeBoxBeck featuring a silk evening gownChristmas parties this year are all about jewel colours, understated metallics in shimmery light-as-air fabrics, leather, leopard print, feminine frills set against femme fatale shapes, dark as sin gothic glamour, luxurious velvets, sensous draping, ruching, strapless, one-sleeve, long lengths, mid lengths...the list goes on. Joyeux Noel!
Which of these festive party dresses is your favourite?

If you're fond of sand dunes....

Aaaaah not a day has gone by in the last two-and-a-bit months when I haven't borne the burdenous wrench of guilt over not blogging. But my laptop was ravaged by some loathsome virus and it still needs to be saved. So I'm currently using my mother's. Had a crazy couple of months, and am very gutted that the warm and happy season is coming to an end, but the point I'm blogging at now is rather useful for summing up my, erm, summer, and looking very excitedly ahead to the autumn/winter fashions. So to start, a round-up of my main experiences of the balmy (when not in this country anyway) middle section of 2010:-


You can get married in the MAGIC KINGDOM CASTLE. I saw magical freaky cartoon wedding evidence with my very eyes. How much must that cost?! If anyone knows I'd be fascinated to also hold this information.
I went back on my word, I never bought a single black bikini. I'm just too much of a colour stalker, I need it in my life to cheer me daily.
The …