Oh, to be Princess Tamina

Me and Beth on SATC2 night last week. I can't tell you how excited I got when I discovered a LOW FAT version of Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie. Mmm just thinking about it, topped with the white chocolate polar bears, makes me so glad it's a hot day...because, you have to eat ice cream or you'll faint, don't you? Anyway, the denim zip corset top was £3 in the Topshop sale, wonderfully scandalous! I love it because it can be paired with so many things, maxi skirts, short skirts, jeans for a spot of double denim, shorts, leggings for an extra 80s vibe. Dude.
And this is me Jemell Beth and Phil shakin' our thing in Manchester at the top of some stairs on Bank Holiday Sunday. I bought the dress earlier that day when my mum was whizzing round Asda grabbing last minute barbecue paraphernalia for my little bro's 16th birthday party (they grow up so fast!), it was £2 from (whiper it) George at Asda! The white heart tights were £2 from Primark, the tan satchel £6 from Primark, the denim jacket was around £12 from Primark last year, and the black wedges you can only just see are my bargainous £20 sale Office 'Noovy Groovy' ones. Who says you can't indulge in retail therapy when you're skint?!
Watched Prince of Persia last night, quite enjoyed it. Like Jemell said, it was cheesy, but it was a Disney film, so you just have to enjoy getting swept up in it really. Nice to be a big kid every once in a while. Jake Gyllenhall did a pretty impressive British accent, and not just your typical RP that those Yanks love. I can't think of anything he's acted in that I have't enjoyed; of course, Donnie Darko can never be beaten. BUT, I think it was Gemma Arterton who really made it for me; I love her! Like a lot of women at the moment, I want her to be my best friend. But if I'm wishing for things, then I actually want to be her. She has the most perfect face I've ever seen. And I like that she isn't stick-thin but still has an amazing figure, you know, like the true Hollywood stars of old. And she's really nice and really funny and she wore no makeup to Radio One and still had photos taken for the website. And, you'd think I'd shut up now but...(takes another deep breath) she has really enviable style, and a reeeally nice fringe that makes me want to keep mine short after my hairdresser accidentally took off too much, so inadvertently did me a favour without my knowing it yet. Thanks Grafix!
And the above photo made me really quite happy that I don't have to hunt down a fancy new bikini to splash out on for Florida, because a simple black one will quite clearly suffice! And I'll obviously look just like her when I wear one. Shhh....
I really loved this outfit she wore on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross not long ago, the tailoring was lovely, but loose, the high-waisted peg-leg trousers were highly desirable, and the look was softened by the light fabrics. Love the gladiator platforms too, and all the earthy shades were beautiful on her. I want that whole outfit. Because I also have brown eyes and brown hair and quite pale skin I'm crowning her my new style idol. I shall try and take inspiration from her whenever I can. Ok I've talked about Miss A waaayyy too much now, I'm off to look at pictures of boys-I mean, Jemell, in order to get a grip of myself....

What do you think about our Gemma?


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