I gotta have you now or my heart will break...

Well wouldn't you know it, just as I was professing my adoration for Gemma Arterton, she goes and gets herself betrothed that very same day! How rude. I forgive you though Gemma. Because, just look at you, who couldn't forgive that face, that dress, that veil, that shiny auburn chignon. Simply stunning. But seriously, congratulations Gemma! I presume you couldn't get hold of me when you were trying to appoint your maid of honour last-minute. And didn't you just know she'd be marrying an Italian stallion; Stefano Catelli  (37), who works in fashion and proposed at Download Festival a year ago. Atop an old castle on a secluded Spanish island, sigh! And just look how adoringly he's gazing at her, awwww!

Apparently Stefano helped Gemma (24) through a tough time when the big bad press were daring to make disgusting comments about her weight, as if there was ever anything wrong with it. And she has said that an unnamed designer (so graceful of her, I'd be trashing their name all over town) voiced their shock that she could fit into their sample sizes when fitting her with one of their frocks. And she was a size 8-10! If I could only get my hands on that bully...

What do you think of the comments made about Gemma, who dares not to be a size zero and absolutely stands out from the crowd with her stunning beauty in doing so?


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