New feature alert! Because let's not make any bones about it, it's just nice to look at aesthetically pleasing people. Where would we be in life without envy and aspiration? So without further ado, week one goes to...

Kylie and her Spanish bit of stuff, male model Andres Velencoso, alighting their flight yesterday. Seeing a lot of pleasing pics of these 2 lately, since the rumours about them being on the rocks. He is definitely carrying the majority of the credit for this accolade, but still, they both lookin' reeeal good. Their effortless but achingly stylish flying oufits put our mere mortals' crumpled jogging bottoms to shame. And I do love a major height disparity in a couple (this way round of course, not Cullum-and-Dahl style). Plus due to the camera angle here, he looks extra gargantuan. So cute!

What do you think about these two?


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