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I don't know what they're so happy about because I certainly wasn't laughing. SATC2, so disappointing! I didn't cry either, which is equally as dismaying. They just didn't have any real problems this time. Carrie was upset, after fiiiinally taming Big, that he just wanted to stay in and watch films together-no problem 1. So she kissed Aidan, who she happened to bump into at a market stall in Abu Dhabi. But was almost immediately forgiven by Big-no problem 2. Charlotte was upset because her baby keeps crying, but she has a live-in nanny-no problem 3. Miranda was upset because her boss was mean so she quit right at the beginning of the film, and moved to a brilliant new job at a different company almost immediately-no problem 4. And Samantha was kind of upset because she was getting older, but she still dressed like Miley Cyrus and got to go to premieres with Smith and pulled really really good-looking men-no problem 5.

It was highly offensive to Muslims, the stupid yanks just wouldn't shut up about burkhas and how strange they found them, watching fascinatedly as one woman lifted her headdress to eat a chip, and this culminated in a ridiculous scene where 4 Abu Dhabi women supposedly liberated themselves by whipping off their burkhas to reveal clothing just like that of New York women. What relevance has this??! So patronising! I really wanted a good cry and belly-aching laughs, but we just laughed AT it in astonishment at how bad it was. I'm not even going to mention the scene where Liza Minelli performed 'All The Single Ladies'-oh, the sheer pain!

Anyway, this is the 1-star SATC2 review I wrote for Leeds Guide to prove it:

Just bought this La Redoute jacket from Ebay, £32. Love it, and it's a completely inappropriate time of year to purchase it, but I don't care. Is it bad that I'm hoping there'll be enough cold days for me to be able to wear it a lot? That is bad.

And these, 99p. My tortoiseshell cateye ones broke in my bag :-( and even my dad couldn't salvage them, so had to bin them and will now probably buy more. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Oh, woe is me.

These were also 99p! Bid on them a week or two ago and nobody else bothered. Fools.

And this was £2.99. Now I can carry him around with me everywhere, yeeeay!!

Just a Jiffy wedges, Office sale, £10. Silly wacky Office. So this is the other of just 2 items that can be counted as holiday purchases, and now I have no money left. Ah well.
3 weeks today til Florida!!! Anyone know what the Harry Potter ride's like?? Is that the only new one in the past 3 years?


I have not seen it yet but so many other people and bloggers are saying the same. I noticed on lookvile you was asking about clogs like Alexa's Topshop have theres back in stock I really wanted them but brought the Gerard Darel ones. xoxo

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