I wish it was still Friday so I could eat the tenderest of lamb again

My doppelganger?? I think not. But a kindly gentleman from our building dropped the above postcard onto my desk the other day and said he bought it for me from the National Portrait Gallery because he thinks I'm the spitting image of Miss Shrimpton. Yep, was pleased as punch, who wouldn't be?

My new lace slip skirt from Toppers in lemon. Almost purchased it when it was new at £38, but yesterday the Arndale kindly bestowed it upon me for a measly £9. Loves sales I do. Also got a tan would-be leather satchel from Primark, £6. Which was exactly what I had been Ebaying for, so decided to just take the lazy route and buy into Primark's version of vintage.

I can't remember the last time I pasted a link to Bex and the City in here, but here are the last few:

I still can't quite believe it every time my ridiculous babbling is published. I hope it's amusing someone other than just me!
We tried Aagrah for the first time on Friday (sort of see above). It was gooood. It was either there or Jamie's Italian, but really felt like a curry after a few drinks in Chapel Allerton and thought Jamie's would be decorated by a hefty queue with it being the first Friday in business. Had lamb pasanda and prawn bhuna, mmm garlic naan. The lamb was so tender, heavenly. I felt awesomely dismayed the next morning when I thought of the 2 pieces I'd left due to being too full. I would've actually had them on toast for breakfast if I'd thought to take them home in a little puppy bag (geddit). Lamb on toast, is that actually allowed?? I can't decide if the thought of it is making me starving or sick.

PS. Watched Robin Hood on Thursday...it was ok. Ridley has tried way too hard to present the story from a serious, and therefore obviously more respectable, angle. Obviously an angle which means out of all the directors who directed a Robin Hood film, you win. Well sorry but if you really wanted to be taken seriously you should've actually introduced Mr Crowe to some West Midlands people so he'd know what they really sound like. Which is definitely not Irish.
Too funny. Anyone else gobsmacked at how Irish he sounded? And am I the only person who thinks Russ is just a prize *!@#???


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