I named my cat Gary after him

My new dress, Topshop, £50. Have to wear brown and black with it to take a bit of the sugar coating off. This was at Night and Day in Manch, cannot remember the last time I was in there, loved it. Also went in Dry Bar. Not sure what this dance was all about, me and Beth were coming up with some rather weird ones. Six of us went to Bem Brazil in the Northern Quarter before hand, my god heavenly is not even the word. I'm foaming at the mouth just at the mere thought of it.

Currently watching Scream 2, and decided to google when the first Scream came out-1996. Unbelievable, I was 9! I think I remember not being able to watch it when it first came out so that would make sense really. Still v scary tho.
I was supposed to receive Dracula from Lovefilm today but it hasn't arrived yet, gutted. I was anticipating an Oldman fix. I actually sat and googled him for about an hour the other day. I'm not going to even ask if that's sad, because I don't even care. (VERY excited that the next Batman's scheduled for 2012, and he's likely to be back for it.) Here are a few of his films I've made Jemell watch from LF lately:-

  • Meantime.

  • Nil By Mouth (-director. Like, so multi-talented).

  • The Backwoods (with Paddy Considine, what the hell more could a film actually need?!)

  • The Unborn (absolute drivel, though he was still amazing, OF course). 
My favourite of his films overall, going off his performance (usually the best thing about a film featuring him anyway), are:-
  • Leon-amazingly evil but supremely entertaining off-his-rocker psycho. (They called it The Professional in the US of A; isn't it weird how we went with the French name when it's actually American?)
  • True Romance-never has so short a performance in a film made SUCH an impact and actually defined a whole decade of cinema. My jaw dropped when I realised who the wannabe Jamaican pimp actually was on about my third viewing.
  • The Firm-just brilliant; ultra-violent but a family man you wish you knew and were mates with. So cool.
  • Sid and Nancy-no explanation needed. I wouldn't be that surprised if Gaz told me he has the power to become possessed by his characters and that's how he manages to transform himself like that. Was a better Sid Vicious than the real one was, and sang better too.  
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead- Adorable as Ros! I just wanted to hug him. And so funny. Is there ANYthing he can't do??!
He is actually the coolest man that ever lived. Agreed?


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