GSOH definitely a plus

Ok so I did have a rather strange crush on Mr Walliams when I was younger, but still-look at her! She is making curves fashionable again. This pic made me want to wear something low-cut for the first time since I was about 18. And those legs, they're perfect! I hate that people like Alexa Chung's legs are considered beautiful now, nope take note Miss C et al this is what truly divine pins look like. He is a very lucky guy. Although, Lara's a reformed alcoholic so I guess Miss Stone needs a lorra lorra laughs in her life. I love her reception dress above, but her wedding dress was beautiful. Simple and striking, and goddess-like. There aren't any pictures of it anywhere though so god knows where I saw it in the first place. Do send me a link if you come across it please.

This is a pic of us all at the Anne Summers party my friend Becci had on Saturday. We look like a hen do even Katona would have nightmares about don't we! Laughed until my throat was sore though. Just realised I'm the only brunette there, well apart from the pilot lady. I have been totally enveloped by blondes now! Come over to the dark side someone, it's much better. :-)

This is the horse/clock pendant I'm currently waiting to arrive from Ebay-£1! And also these unicorn studs, I'm smitten with them-£3! Buying all my jewellery from the Bay from now on, sick of Topshop tat which turns silver after 3 wears. I've always been deeply obsessed with animal jewellery, especially the equestrian kind.


I love this nude shift dress Kate Bosworth wore at Cannes this week. She always looks so good, I wish I could hire her to style me. And buy all my clothes for me. She looks like she isn't even wearing makeup here, and her hair's scraped back and she has no jewellery on-so how come she looks so striking? Not fair!

Something which definitely is fair though-5 weeks today til Florida! 35 days to go, eeeee!

What do you think about the Walliams-Stone bethrothal? Is there anyone's wedding dress who you think beats hers?


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