Before R-Patz, there was G-Old

Went to Whitby yesterday with Jemell's family and caught my first suntan of the year, of sorts (burned my shoulders and got unsightly strap marks, woohoo!). Simply scorching it's been this weekend and I for one never want England to go back to the dark side. It will of course; it will probably chuck it down tomorrow. But anyway, even if it did at least I could better imagine living in Whitby Castle with Gary Oldman; a vampire couple like us could never live in that holey place with the sun beaming through. Forget Winona, only room for one Ryder under that roof. I actually got chills walking by the place thinking that Mr O had walked that very same turf! Jemell thinks my obsession's getting out of control. I think he's just making fangs up.

It's been a weekend of many firsts; also had first BBQ of the year on Saturday night round at Jemell's cousin's in Middlesbrough. I was sooo excited for it all day. Asda's Extra Special Jalapeno and Monterey Jack cheese burgers are, indeed, special. Mmmm stodge and carbs and mustard.

I went to review Fawlty Towers at the Carriageworks Leeds on Thursday for Dig Yorkshire. Ed Corbett, who played Hamlet to my Ophelia when we did Rosencrantz, played Basil. He was great. The mannerisms and voice were spot-on. I didn't expect him to be able to take him off so well; from Hammy to Fawlty who would've thought it? I'd love to do a comedy like that. The next play that Leeds Arts Centre are doing is Road in October, auditions should be in July I think. So at least I can embrace my northerness for that one. Fingers crossed!

I also went to an LAC play reading at the Carriageworks last Wednesday, of The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh-part of his Connemara trilogy-and absolutely loved it. All Irish characters, so much fun was had by all trying out the accents! I didn't think I did too badly, I managed to keep it up throughout and just embrace it. I find it more embarrassing to get embarrassed and just do a strange rushed amalgamation of your own accent and a sort of put-on RP to make up for not having a stab at whatever the play is actually asking of you. What's the point of turning up?

I adore this horse satchel I'm watching on Ebay; I don't know why I'm watching it though cos I'm never gonna pay the £45 minimum they're asking for it. Maybe if it was about £30 I would, for I think I'd cherish it forever and ever. I mean it's got horses on; I feel it was made for me! Ah well. I'd love to know where I could get a simmy one for lesser price??

Very much want some heeled clogs like these. Anyone know where I could make this a reality for less than 40 quid??


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