Ta-daaa! My annual eggy poem

Back by popular demand, my annual Easter greeting is spread across the land.
I hope you're all as hungover as me, and looking forward to devouring a lamb for tea.
But please put aside your eggys for a minute, and just think about this holiday-what's really in it?
Well as you all know Jesus arose from his grave; for 40 days people saw him and he gave and he gave.
The resurrection reminds us that Jesus's spirit lives on, but who really cares?-Well me, for one.
So you'd better all be appreciating the big guy too, for he gave his life for me and for you.
What does all this have to do with chocolate?-I haven't the foggiest. All I know is my cheeks are the soggiest.
Because I'm crying guys, crying, that we can be thankful for our lord, and amen to that-now let's get back to our choccy hoarde.


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