Liiiiving in a material world.....

What I want on payday next week. No, what I need. Are you sitting comfortably?.....

Some vintage white cateye sunnies. These particular specimens are £29.99 from Though ebay have some wondrous versions for £1.99 and free P & P!

Dorothy Perkins olive green maxi dress, £18! My wedges are just begging to be paired with this.

Missguided skyla pink shift dress, on sale at £13.20! Usually hate this site as much as Boohoo, but this caught my eye when wandering the Marie Claire site, and I have to say I'm smitten. Some fierce black shoes/boots/shoeboots are needed with this one to toughen it up. I hate it when mags say that. Toughen it up. Like studded bondage platforms are gonna give the impression that yes you may be wearing a candyfloss coloured dress, but you could still do someone in if need be.

ASOS jersey spot print bandeau dress, £26. All of these prices are genius and I love them. Would this look better with a faded denim jacket I wonder, or a cropped leather one? New Look tan leather brogues, £40. Simply lovely, and could go on forever naming all the ways they could be worn. (Obviously always on the feet though.) And my favouritest of them all.........

Topshop aqua ruched one-shoulder dress, £28. Simply beautiful and cannot wait to wear it. It says that it's mint but it's not, for it's not green it's blue. And such a purdy blue too. Ewww purdy!! Another word I hate with a pash. Why write like you're talking in a South American hick dialect? Furthermore, why do I keep writing things I hate? Maybe just freeing them from my person. Like it's cathartic or something.
You see, I feel so inspired today by all the Coachella pics I've been seeing which have made me snot green with envy. Thank goodness the weather's starting to look kindly on us so I can attempt to get myself some of the cool glamour of balmy weather. And thank god it's payday next week so I have the economic capital to do so, and thank god I have lots of plans for this month so I can actually put my purchases on show. I didn't mean that to sound half as showoff-y as it did.
So, here are my 2 favourite looks I've seen from Coachella: one celeb one and one 'street' one.
Chose this one because it's reminding me how much I still want to find a tribal dress like this. With slightly more shape maybe.
And this one because, well, just look at that waistcoat! It's amazing!
Please let me know any of your own looks you've spotted from the fest or any other inspiring looks of late, cos I love to look at them, and attempt to find wares that will allow us to look as good!)xx


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