My new Noovy Groovy Office wedges. Lovely eh. They do come up with some wacky names those ker-azee Office peeps. Must be a blast sitting in on their board meetings. The hijinks that must go on. Anyway, £20 reduced from £60!! And they were exactly what I was looking for. You know, I often wonder about this world what with all the natural disasters, crime rates and deadly diseases etc. But when the gods smile down on me like this I understand that there is good out there after all.
Well anyway, I'm procrastinating, when I should be giving my excuses for not posting for 3 weeks. I simply don't have any though, I've just been quite busy. Done some PR writing for LAC, and more importantly I now have my own column!!! Even more brilliantly, it's called 'Bex and the City'. Genius. I finally got to see the published article today as it was in the issue of Leeds Guide that's just hit the shelves. Here are a couple of things I've written for the site recently:-

A review of a Japanese thriller Gary Oldman was recently in. Oh I do live him so. Even enough to sit through this. :-s

A preview of Ash's upcoming Leeds Met gig.

Feature on Wayne Hemingway (Red or Dead founder) giving lecture at Leeds met on housing design. Weird!

Leeds getting a hi-tech tram network connecting loads of its outskirts, exciting!

Oh and just realised my column is actually on the site, so I can show it off right here right now!

Speaking of Right Here Right Now, I'm going to Fatboy Slim's Leeds Academy gig tomorrow! On the press list to review it for Dig Yorkshire. Been feeling very sniffly and coughy and headachey and sorry for myself all week though, so hoping a nice sleep tight on my new Overfilled Pillows will sort that right out. Especially so because also going to Carl Cox at Warehouse Project in Manch on Sat night, for my friend Stew's birthday. Not really my thing usually but as it's a birthday and everyone's going, I can be flexible. I'm just cool like that. Although saying that, I still haven't got tickets so if the touts are asking too much outside they can stick their Cox! And I will probably retire to good old 42nd Street, or the new Hacienda.

I finally tried out Salsa Mexicana last weekend, my golly gosh it was good. Although I was very stupid and wore a slightly corseted dress so I didn't enjoy scoffing it quite as much as I had anticipated for 2 full weeks beforehand. But I'll def go back, I keep thinking about those burritos. Chicken and chorizo, oh joy. And the cheese, oh man. And the sour cream slapped on top, oh man oh man. And the beef and avocado taco starter. Bliss. I'm now very hungry, but I have energy enough only to retire straight to bed to catch what looks like it'll be a really good ep of Desperate Housewives. Someone's gonna be worm food when a plane hits the lane. Gone, six feet under, kicked the bucket, met their maker, cionara.

So anyway, my final thought is one which occupies my mind quite often, one of chocolate. More specifically, chocolate eggs. I can't WAIT to ram them down my throat on Sunday!! And they taste EVEN better on a hangover. Oh yes.


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