Every day is like......

Me looking VERY weird in Northern Monkey last night. Post-jagermeister. Not good. And scary that I saw people from the theatre group about an hour later than this horror. God knows what I looked like or indeed spoke of. Plus side=wearing my new dress which I'm awfully fond of. £13, Primark. Amazing. Looks truly vintage. Not such a plus=awaking with large and painful open wound on leg from falling over onto broken glass in kitchen at 4am. Classyyyy. And today has been SO beautiful, I can just smell summer now. Shame I only got to bask in the day's heat for a short 15 minutes or so on hobbling to Tesco and back for plasters and trusty coke to cure my dicky tummy. Since then, I have NOT stopped eating. Seriously, potato cakes/crumpets/bacon ciabatta/pork chicken and stuffing pie/pork apple and spices pie/a 2litre bottle of coke. And that's only since I began to slowly recover slightly at about 5pm. And I now plan on finally cracking open my queen size bar of galaxy that I received as part of Jemell's selection of gifts that he bestowed upon me on 25th December, whilst watching either Boy A or Revolutionary Road or Antichrist. Gotta love Lovefilm. They named it well. Think Antichrist would induce a dodgy tummy again. Don't want that when there's Galaxy to be had. Think I'm still drunk. Oooh speaking of summer we decided today that we will accompany my fam to Florida in June....so excited! That lifted my hangover greatly. 2 weeks of sun pools beaches rollercoasters and being a massively fat Yank. All you can eat breakfast diners here we come.....only in America. This week's scribely efforts.....(Yeah like words like that are gonna win me any Pullitzer prizes) http://www.leedsguide.co.uk/review/preview/the-courteeners/13647 http://www.leedsguide.co.uk/review/news/majestic/13620 Really. Really. Really want this Aztek playsuit, £35 ASOS. 20% discount code expires at midnight, so I could have it in my possession for just £28. However I have only enough pennies in Halifax for my month's driving lessons.....Must. Resist. Purchase. So. Goddamn. Difficult!!
Ooh one last point....Jino's Thai Cafe in Headingley, amazing! Finally checked it out last night and it's so cheap yet unbelievably authentic and delicious. Pad Kee Mao with mixed seafood, £6.90. Belting. Was very spicy so my red wine was swallowed very hastily. BYO wine, also amazing!


Tyson K said…
Just passing through! I see on your profile though that you like indie music, you might enjoy my blog...


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