You passed through my walls and entered my life in waves

I paaaaaassed! I am now a graduate of the driving theory test. I scored 47/50 on the questions and 69/75 on the hazard perception. Next stop-getting the real test out of the way; my main goal for this year and I hope I achieve it! Not too sure how long I'll leave it til actually purchasing a motor though, have a few motherly and overdrafterly debts to shift first. I found out at Leeds Guide today that I've been invited to the preview screening of A Passionate Woman, which is Kay Mellor's next production and which I interviewed her about at Studio 81, where they were filming, back in November. So I'm v excited for that. Billie Piper stars in it and she was there at the time, she looked blooming lovely, and much tinier that you'd expect, as they usually do. 'Them'. Anyway Kay and Billie are supposed to be at the screening too, at Hyde Park Picture House. This is the interview I did with Kay... Here too are a few more Leeds Guide articles I've written in the past couple of weeks, to help expand the Days Out section:- I want to visit them all; I've persuaded myself! Oh also, I was pleased the other day because Dig Yorkshire, who I also write for, emailed me to say that one of the actors in a musical I recently reviewed had contacted them after reading my review, to ask them to pass his thanks onto me. Made me feel all warm inside! He played Jupiter, King of the Gods, and was very funny. (I said he was the male star of the show so I guess he liked that.) Apparently his real name is Che, which intrigued me as he looked completely English, very skinny and pale and blonde with the most Yorkshire accent ever, and not at all like a formidable Argentinian revolutionary. So I think he's made up a stage name for himself to create a persona of importance; maybe it'll work for him, I don't know. It's certainly got me talking about him! Well that and the fact that he was the first subject of one of my articles ever to give me feedback, and positive feedback at that. I'll shut up now-here's the review:


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