Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

I thought it would be rather relevant to my own current thinking, to post this pic of Anna Wintour at this week's Burberry show at LFW. The reason being that I'm reading her biography at the moment, Front Row by Jerry Oppenheimer. It's brrrilliant. Did you know she once dated Bob Marley? And she is even MORE of an ice queen than her public image has you believe. Everything they say about her is true, there are loads of extracts of info from her former friends who obviously don't think twice about saying quite harsh things about her. Still, if only to have her career!!! Here she is in another one of those REAL furs she loves. Tres terrible. She looks nowhere near 60 though. Hmm wonder if there's something in those furs.....joking. Alexa and Pixie at the Henry Holland show, making me want to don some denim pronto. Ms Huntington-Whiteley at the Burberry show....oh to be Rosie!

Before I retire to read up on a little more of the Wintour's life (I need to re-watch The Devil Wears Prada in next few days), I feel it would be appropriate and current to let the last word go to Chezza. And that word is simply....FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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