Panic over. I'm still alive!

I've been a bit rubbish again, yes I have. But, I have my driving theory on Monday at 2.30pm so with the day of reckoning beckoning, I have been dutifully and solely revising every time I've been at my comp. I did a mock test last night and got 47/50, and you need 43 to pass so got a bit giddy then reminded myself not to count my chickens just yet. Fingers crossed though! Don't want to be forking out £31.00 again with a £65.00 practical test yet to take. Hopefully soon, lemme at that open road!!'s a pic of me and my beautiful blushing bride cousin Laura at her Lake District wedding, she looked amazing, yep even at 3am when this pic was taken. I hope I look that flawless on my big day! I went with the sailor dress, it was a hit!

It was such a good day, and night, and next morning.....drank from 3 in the afternoon upon arriving at the hotel, til 4am the next morning! Oh and I did indeed well up very much, I was overcome by emotion! Lucky I can always rely on my aunties to do the same, ha. The room where they were married looked out onto Lake Windermere, it was stunning. There was a big terrace outside where you could go to admire the view and it was glorious. Always forget how much I love being out in the countryside! Wandered into Bowness the next day and revisited the World of Beatrix Potter shop from my younger days, awww. Unfortunately I had my audition for the play that eve, and you may not be all that surprised to hear I didn't get the part! Apparently over 20 people auditioned for just 7 parts, so ah well better luck next time. I can't even imagine rushing in and out after work 3 nights a week now though so glad of the break with all this revising, I'm tired enough as it is! But I do wish to get back to the stage soon, I do miss it.

At the moment I'm thinking constantly of Payday, I've been an unmonied soul for the vast majority of this month. Going homeward next weekend, can't wait to see Manch! I was there Monday evening for inappropriate (and therefore extra enjoyable) wine drinking and a Wagamama tea with my friends, then we watched Coco Before Chanel (Audrey Tautou, tres tres belle, but tooooo much sideburn going on in that one) but National Express East Coast whisked me straight back to work first thing Tuesday morn. No this week will be Tyldesley, Friday night- curry feasting and then lots of Gatehouse drinking to celebrate my friend Vicky's return from 6 months travelling! I sought a sub from ma mere today to purchase a lovely jumpsuit I saw on ASOS in the clearance....well you have to snap em up quick! And I felt all sorry for myself working a Saturday morning to make up hours. See below:

£24, was £70. Back of the net!!


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