Johnny B Good

My mad-dash-on-Friday's-lunch-for-Friday-night-outfit outfit:-
  • Elvis tshirt, Tee and Cake, £20
  • High waisted silky heart print shorts, Topshop, £35
Ah, Sunday. Clinging onto the remaining fibres of the weekend. Wondering how to round it off nicely in a way which will not incur too much fed-up-ness-at-the-rapid-onslaught-of-Monday. Feeling inclined towards The Wolfman at 8.30 at Hyde Park Picture House, although have heard it's a bit rubbish so it's all up in the air at the mo. But our stupid bathroom is out of order, macerator stopped working, whatever that is, so can't stand in bath full of icy water to shower, wash from the sink full of the same, or utilise the toilet without the aid of a flush! Aaaaaah. Hence my keenness to make oneself scarce for the night. If the plumber can't fix it tomorrow we'd better be put up in the Hilton for the week. Aww can't wait! Something also making me a bit fed up-how come I wasn't born a Vanessa Paradis? Saw the Depp on Jonathan Ross and he's so lovely, all humble and polite, and generously laughing at lame jokes, and scarily articulate and intelligent. Scary because not so usually the case with individuals SO handsomely beautiful. And I can't think of a human on this Earth more handsomely beautiful than young Johnny. Can't believe he's never watched one film he's acted in. That just makes him eeeeven better, if that was humanly possible. Not a shred of vanity or narcissism despite being the most handsomely beautiful and talented actor on this planet. Alice in Wonderland looks Amazing, with a caps lock A, the Depp as the Mad Hatter is genius, he's like the madness of Wonka and Scissorhands and Raoul Duke all rolled into one with the insanity still turned up tenfold. I just can't wait for next weekend. It looks darker than a bar of Bournville. I am a geek.


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