I know, I know.....

One post in, and I'm already a right lazy blogger. I did not intend on turning into this kind of person, and blogging has been on my mind daily. However, I have had my reasons for keeping any possible reader(s) in suspense about my life for 9 whole wintry days.
  1. My feet barely touched upon homely soil all week due to my extensive Play Week schedule.
  2. Since being properly reunited with my carpet on Sunday eve, I have fully embraced being a little bit lazy.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead was a blast; I fully have the Acting Bug now, and can't wait for it to infect me further. I can see why people claim to become addicted to the applause and cheers of a live audience. My next theatrical encounter with Leeds Arts Centre arrives this coming Thursday, when I will be attending a reading of The Dresser. Auditions next week-watch this space! To keep you going, see below for a splendid dressing room photo of Polonius (my dad), Ophelia (me), Gertrude (Hamlet's mum), and Claudius (killed Hamlet's dad). Back to today, and I have been feeling a little under the weather. I had to depart from my desk at half-time, cancel my driving lesson, and proceed to surgically attach myself to the couch for the rest of the day. On the plus side, I have updated my blog, attempted to get up to speed on my Sopranos box sets, and inserted 28 Adam Green songs into my little red ipod. I went to see him at the Cockpit on Sunday night, and was highly impressed with the silly but charismatic New Yorker with the knowingly careless dance moves and parodoxically commanding voice. I shall reward him with a glowing review in Leeds Guide tomorrow. He'll like that.

Oh and speaking of which, I also attended a Jamie T gig last Monday, straight from rehearsals; see my opinion in review form to prove that I was as busy as I said I was last week-http://www.leedsguide.co.uk/review/live-review/jamie-t/13314


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