Daaa dum da-dum, daaa dum da-dumm....

I'm still a poorly girl. Had to stay home again and not go to Leeds Guide (http://www.leedsguide.co.uk/). God, being ill is boring. The most productive thing I've done, besides updating this of course, is putting in a washing load, and that felt so strenous that I was nearly sick again, like my horrid near-experience in the shower this morning. Also, I have had to let down Adam Green who will have been eagerly waiting to read my review of his gig on Sunday. Oh well, I'm sure he'll understand, and it will be worth it when he reads what I eventually write when I'm better and sends me some free merchandise and gig tickets. So, here's what else is on my mind. The weekend. (The thing on my mind 99% of the time, to be fair.) The weekend's impending wedding, to be precise. Ah, weddings. I love love love them, they bring out the sissy in me. So as I am about to see my cousin Laura bound in matrimony in Windermere on Sunday, I am risking looking like a big girl when I potentially shed tears in front of the most family members I will be surrounded by for a long time. Lucky that it's tradition to cry at weddings then. That's as well as the white dress, cutting a massive cakey pyramid, kids sliding about on their knees, the throwing of a bunch of flowers to desperate potential brides as though it will ensure their own betrothal, and bad dancing to cheesy music.
Anyway, that's not my main concern.
It seems that there are certain codes you must abide by for wedding dressing; florals, pastels, floaty, chiffon, demure, summery, feminine, bla bla blah. However, a February wedding leaves a little to be desired weather-wise, so these credentials are not necessarily always relevant nor attainable. Plus, I am skint, and all the sale stuff around are winter leftovers. Sooooo, I had a little wander around ASOS (it was more like a harrowing quest within the Labrynth), and eventually ordered a few possible little numbers which have all been ridiculously reduced and yet I am really quite partial to. See Exhibit A:
Yes, I know. After everything I said about those codes, it's black. But look how nice! And more importantly, was £45-now £12!!! I would be feeling even more nauseous right now had I gone ahead and paid full price back in Nov when I was planning my festive apparel.
Exhibit B:
Yep, also black, but the sailor touch is DEFINITELY wedding material, I think. Yeah, I think it is. Is it??
Anyway, £38 to....£14! Woopah.
Exhibit C:
This is the one I deem most likely to be returned, as it is the most un-me, however it is also the one which looks most like it should be worn on a wedding guest. And the thing with online shopping is, pictures do NOT tell a thousand words. You can never tell what the bloody things actually look like till they arrive. Another tres irrestible price on this-£40 to £14.
So, tune in tomorrow when these sparkly items should have arrived via next day delivery, and I will be making my decision. Hopefully I will have some other interesting stuff to say too.
Oh actually, I have the reading for my next potential play tomorrow, The Dresser, so forgive me if I am mute until Friday. That way I will have theatre news too. Oh I do spoil you!


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