All I have to do, is dream, dream dream dream, dream.

Some things I wish to purchase with my wage pennies tomorrow, my first full-time wage pennies at that:-
  • Topshop pastel green long chiffon top
  • New Look black canvas wedge pumps
  • Tee and Cake Queen (slashed back) or Elvis (standard back) tshirt
  • Topshop navy basic oversized top with ruched neckline
  • H and M red wedges
  • ASOS exposed cup chiffon black and pastel pink body con wrap dress
  • Some deep blue jeggings
  • Primark denim shirt

Hmm we'll see. Out to eat Indian and slurp beverages back in Manch tomorrow, I'm picturing my black high waisted jeans and leather jacket and nude suede wrap heels with either the Elvis/Queen tshirt or pale mint green chiffon top. Damn forgot to re-paint my toenails.

I am being good though because I'm paying off the £225 I owe on my Topshop card tomorrow and closing it foreverrrrrr! I can't wait! Evil store cards. Last time I ever do this, promise. Yes promising myself. And yes I'll be rewarding myself by purchasing something from Topshop, what of it??

Also wondering what I should treat myself to for payday lunch, which won't seem too overindulgent what with the rich Eastern cuisine at night time. Oh what is a girl to do!

That's all x


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