The Seminal First Post

Today I am mostly....

  • pondering how I go about starting a successful, glamorous, taking-over-the-world business, just like the lovely owner of Aqua Couture clothing, Julie Lingard, who I interviewed for Leeds Guide on Thursday. I would like it to incorporate all of my favourite, food, film, music, writing, acting, good times. Any ideas?

  • wondering how many early mornings it would take, how much more patient I would have to become, and how economically viable it would be, for me to look as well-groomed every day as the achingly flawless Aqua Couture folk I came across on Thursday.

  • hoping I get enough sleep this week to cope with the full-on schedule for Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead, my theatre debut. (Weds 27th-Sat 30th Jan @ The Carriageworks, Leeds.) And also that I perform satisfactorily for my friends and family who part with English pounds in exchange for seeing me put on a satisfactory performance.

  • trying to decide where the best place in my flat is for doing my dodgy vocal exercises without being heard/instilling a sense of panic into my neighbours.

  • preparing for the thorny task of having to abstain from chocolate this week, Play Week. (Apparently it coats the larynx.)

  • growing increasingly concerned about the vast expansion of my appetite every time I am hungover. Within this, I'm also thinking is it ok to eat lunch only 2 hours and 20 minutes after breakfast? Come on it is Sunday.

  • hoping my first blog was scintillating enough to get me on Time magazine's 50 Greatest Blogs of 2010 list.


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