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Festive Attire

(ASOS cream Sheer Slip Dress, £11; ASOS Premium Overdyed Embroidered Lace Midi Dress, £20; ASOS Partytime Peep Toe Platform Shoes, £45; Issie B Floral Printed Cross Body Bag, £15 ASOS; Oasis Horse Head Drop Earrings, £5 ASOS; HM red platform shoes, £29.99
This year's sparkly Christmas pieces forming my festive wardrobe. Can't wait to wear them, starting this Saturday with a 'Come Dine With Me' evening at my boyfriend's colleague's house in Halifax, and our girls' Christmas meal at Beluga in Manchester on Saturday. That's excluding, of course, our annual Christmas Eve meal at Mario's in Tyldesley. Just a short, merry walk home afterwards to snoozing away excitedly at our parents' houses. So excited! Only 24 days to go! I'm off to put up my tree, it's officially 'allowed to be stupidly excited time' now it's December...

What festive events do you have coming up? And which items would you pair together from the above?

I started with the best intentions...

Cable knit cardigan, £11 Primark; black floral cardigan, £10 Topshop sale; burgundy maxi dress, £7 Topshop sale) 
Some new purchases made at Meadowhall on Friday, and Leeds yesterday. All very economically pleasing items, mind, and I did finally start my Christmas shopping so I make no apologies. I am now two godchildren, one brother, partly one boyfriend and one boyfriend's mum down, with one godchild, two parents and the remainder of said boyfriend to go. I'm super-organised this year! New Year in Edinburgh is also all paid up now; apartment shared with two of our friends and Princes Street Party tickets are in the bag. Who knows, at this rate I may not have to borrow anything from my lucky mum this month! I do have rather a few festive outings in the offing though so let's not hold our breath. Only 3 days til actual December now! (I  have had to remind myself that we're still only in November for quite some time now.)
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? And…

The Facebook

On Friday I finally saw The Social Network. I worried throughout its formative weeks that I was building it up too much in my head, but it was brilliant. David Fincher's directing is fantastic; you have to work hard to keep up with the dialogue but in doing so you get so much out of it. It didn't patronise the audience by trying to slow things down or make it less 'talky', which I thought was great. You never lose interest for a second. If they'd wanted to they probably could have played up the wild side of rich and spoiled campus life even more, but as it was there was enough to entertain and balance out the intense lawsuit side of things, without skimming over any of the details of the case.

The casting was inspired. I have come across Jesse Eisenberg before and always thought of him as more of a comedy actor, and something of a wannabe Michael Cera, although I'm sure this is a very unfair assessment and I actually hate it when people are described this way,…

Freddie Lives!

(Freddie statue @Arndale Centre; ASOS dress £8 in sale, burgundy snakeskin Primark belt £2; H&M aviator jacket £25; Rose cava Morrisons £5)
Freddie Mercury statue in Manchester Arndale, amazing! We Will Rock You is back for its annual run at the Palace Theatre, perfect Christmassy outing, and I'm really hoping there are tickets left on payday because I want to make it a hat trick of WWRY viewings. The first time I saw it was in London, second in Manchester at Xmas last year. Great show, I would be upset if it wasn't and tarnished Freddie's good name! Cannot wait for the film about Queen, Sacha Baron Cohen will be brilliant playing the moustachioed one. A surprise choice but now after hearing it, I couldn't think of anyone better. Apparently the film will be based around their legendary Band Aid performance. Get filming guys!!

NB. I was dancing to Eamon's 'F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)' in the second photo, who remembers that song?! Bloody loved it…

Happy Halloween!

(Faux leather corset dress, HM bought on Ebay £11.99; Open back cream lace tee minidress, Topshop £45; Black suede platform court shoes, Primark £18; Miss Sporty burgundy nail polish; Sleek true colour lipstick in Majestic; food, First Floor Grill Call Lane Leeds; leopard-print fur coat Topshop £95)
Went to review First Floor Grill last night for Leeds Guide, a new steakhouse which has just opened above Brooklyn Bar on Call Lane. It's a beautiful place, all chandeliers and open brickwork, dark oak furniture with leather padded seats and impressive open chrome kitchen. The food was absolutely divine, to start we had mussels mariniere with dipping bread, and battered tempura prawns with sweet chilli sauce; then for the main, Highland Cattle fillet steak in peppercorn sauce and Hereford sirloin steak in red wine jus. They came with onion rings, tomato and mushrooms, and we also had sides of truffle chips, buttered broccoli, and garlic and rosemary dauphinoise. For dessert (yep!) we h…

Russian/Wedged Lace

(Faux fur hat, £4 Primark; multicoloured thick knitted jumper, £13 Primark, buttoned camel shorts, £10 Primark, brown Chelsea boots, £45 ASOS, Lace-up wedge boots, £18 Primark)
Can't quite decide about these boots so I haven't worn them out yet. I love them, and I also find something intriguingly ugly about them but I think that's actually part of their appeal. I'm just not sure how durable they'll be, I've lost patience with Primark shoes. Usually better to just fork out a bit more and get about five more years out of your footwear. But, I haven't yet seen any which achieve such a perfect smart-casual hybrid as these do, and they are still immensely walkable which is good for me. Tired of living in flats just because I walk to work/everywhere. The jumper is immense, I've worn it the first two days I had it and may make it a hat trick today. The cosy haven is very good to me during the frostiness currently experienced by Leeds. This hat is also great for…

Cosy Autumnal Toned Layers

(Primark bowler hat, New Look burgundy military coat, Primark brown glittery mittens, HM velvet skirt, New Look jumper dress (worn as top), old shearling boots from shoe store in Leigh, Manch!)
I look like the snug daughter of Charlie Chaplin (who also looks very rough from 5-hour play rehearsal). I love thermal outfits which don't fall under the trap of seeing winter as synonymous with sombre shades. Warm, rich colours in Autumn are perfect for brightening up blustery days. Loving the colour pairings many designers are coming up with at the moment, Autumn/Winter this year seems to really be going all out with the colour tones and breaking the dark mould.

What's your winter dress code?


Primark floral maxi dress, £5 in sale! Wondrous. Also, I must have Tesco's white chocolate birthday cake whih I have lusted over for years but have so far never been bought. Would it be acceptable to just go and buy it now because I'm quite hungry now? No?

That's Ren and Stimpy. They're way existential

Dreamy pair of perfectly clunky, 90s Clueless-reminiscent strappy suede platform heels. Down from £60-£40 in the Office sale! Must. Have. Them. As Soon As Humanly Possible! I would style them in classic Cher-style, like so...

Do you love Clueless and Cher's style too?


Here's an article I recently wrote on vintage fashion:-

There is something about vintage fashion which has the edge on all the brand new, contemporary clothes which we see on the high street. Each vintage piece has a story behind it which translates itself through the wearer. When you see a girl walking down the street in an original 1920s cloche hat, or a guy in a genuine 1980s camel coat, you not only see a person dressed in clothes to be practical or to fit in. You see someone swathed in history, who understands why their outfit works; it is given context by the items it is put together with as they are all carefully chosen to fit the character from a certain era. A vintage dresser does not dress simply to look like they can match colours or materials, or to let everyone know they look at magazines and keep their eye on changing window displays. They dress to convey a certain persona; for that day they are a gangster's moll, a teddy boy, a pin-up girl or a punk rocker. Ever…


My H&M sheer khaki shirt, lighter than air with its dreamy cheesecloth fabric. Continued obsession with fastening top buttons, above with Topshop gold rope necklace (past season), and below with vintage spotted scarf. In both pics are my trusty second-skin Hollister trousers, faux shearling Primark bag, £6, and ASOS rose gold watch, £25. Topshop faux leopard fur coat just seen (past season, £95). The look seems fairly rigid but is actually a very comfortable and wearable outfit.

Which look do you think was styled better?
And what's your current fashion obsession?

Just call me Howard Hughes

I GOT ONE!! I was walking past H&M (well, dashing past) in my hurry to catch my coach back from Manchester yesterday, and thought I'd just check in there on the off-chance, and they had 2. I love iiiiiiit!

Yes, I'm pulling a very strange face on this second one. It's my 'I bloody love my new jacket I do' face.

Anyway, the H&M website seem to be getting new stock in every day now so they must be making lots of extra aviator jackets for all those girls out there going crazy for them. I don't like how their website can tell you something is in stock yet you might still have to wait a month for them to send it out. And even if it's available for immediate delivery there is still only one delivery option which takes a whole week to arrive. Quite old-hat I think, especially considering that it took H&M this long to make online shopping available. Quite strange for such a huge store; it always bugged me so I'm now going quite crazy over online sh…

Nancy Sinatra Was Right

Nancy Sinatra Was Right by JukeBoxBeck on

I am on a mission to find the perfect pair of winter boots. After the freezing winter my shins had last time round, I vowed never to go through those chillier months without a pair of knee boots ever again. However, going from what has inspired me here, I think a pair of high lace-up ankle boots are what I'm most coveting. H&M have some amazing pairs at the moment; their shoe collections can often be quite drab but they've thrown in some great designs this year. Shame their supply is never very good; I almost reserved a pair of the brown lace-ups second along on the second row, but despite telling me they were in stock they wouldn't be delivered until the end of October! I'm having the same situation with the shearling jacket I was after; have ordered it from the site but have to wait a whoooole month, which I've nevertheless resigned myself to as it's sold out everywhere and I really want it.

Anyway, …

Doctor Who?

I really can't get enough of Karen Gillan's style at the moment. She looks so, so stylish with every outfit, without ever looking too trendy. Meaning her looks are always classic and if you looked back on them a couple of years later, they wouldn't look dated. Sigh!

She may or may not have an amazing stylist helping her along, but even off-duty she always looks so edgy and cool, so I say she just has an extremely enviable flair for dressing. I think a big key to her look is VINTAGE. You get the feeling that she invests a lot of time into finding unique pieces, which give her outfits that lovely unattainable quality. Well, lovely for her, not us!

She also makes me want to colour my hair a bright auburn. Watch this space to find out whether I bottle it (geddit?!).

What do you think of Karen's hair colour and style?